0601【Ava on Diamond and Silk Chit Chat Live】Mr. Miles Guo was arrested and imprisoned by the CCP police on May 26, 1989, for donating US$500 to June 4th student movement. After witnessing his younger brother being shot and left to bleed to dead by the CCP police and more than 60 prisoners of conscience being executed in front of him, he vowed that in order to change China, the Chinese Communist Party must be taken down. 郭文贵先生在1989年5月26日因为向8964学生运动捐款500美元被中共警察抓进监狱,在目睹了自己的弟弟被中共警察枪杀和60多名良心犯狱友被枪决后,郭文贵先生发誓要改变中国,就要消灭中国共产党。


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