0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】Miles Guo talked about “Why Thomas Lee committed suicide.” According to Miles Guo, he really had just two choices. One is facing the trial and the angry investors, many of whom are pension plans. New York State pensions are one of the biggest fund investors in Thomas Lee’s portfolio. The money all went to the CCP kleptocrats’ personal pockets. 郭文贵先生曾经讲过“Thomas Lee为什么自杀 ”。 根据郭先生,他真的只有两个选择。一个是面对审判,面对愤怒的投资者,其中有很多是养老金计划。纽约的养老金是Thomas Lee的投资组合中最大的基金之一。这些钱都进入了中共卖国贼的个人腰包。


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