0601【Ava on Matta of Fact】Ava said that Wang Qishan’s HNA Group, Pacific Alliance (PAG), and Blackstone’s transactions in the past decade show their relationship. Shan Weijian is Wang Qishan’s protégé. Judge Barry Ostrager of the New York Supreme Court once ruled that Miles Guo breached the contract with PAG. It is understood that the contract was a forged contract, but Judge Barry Ostrager banned Miles Guo from challenging the authenticity of the contract in court. Ava讲到 王岐山的海航集团,和太平联盟,和黑石集团在过去十几年的所有交易说明了他们的关系,单伟建是王岐山的门徒。纽约最高法院的Barry Ostrager法官曾判决郭文贵先生与太平联盟的合同违约,据了解,该合同是一份伪造合同,Barry Ostrager法官却在法庭上禁止郭文贵先生质疑该合同的真实性。


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