0527 WHISTLE BLOWERS – Corruption & Collusion: Ava Chen mentioned that when Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland took the oath of nomination six years ago and two years ago respectively, they swore that they would work to defend the interests of the American people and justice. But the reality is what everyone sees, the real criminals are free on the street, and the innocent are behind bars. Ava Chen 提到分别在六年前和两年前的克里斯雷和梅里克加兰在提名宣誓时都发誓自己会为了捍卫美国人民的利益而工作,保持正义公正。但是现实是大家所看到的一切,真正的罪犯逍遥法外,无辜的人却被关在监狱。


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