5/27/2023 【Miles Insight】From 1989, when Mr. Miles Guo was locked up in Qingfeng Detention Center by the CCP, to 2023, when he was put into the Metropolitan Detention Center by the CCP’s American colluders, it has been exactly 34 years! The future will prove that Mr. Miles Guo’s role in history far exceeds that of other reputable figures who have positively impacted the course of human civilization! #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 5/27/2023 【Nicole看七哥】从1989年郭先生被中共抓进清丰看守所到2023年被中共渗透的卖美贼们羁押在大都会拘留中心刚好是34年!历史对郭文贵先生的评价会远远超过我们耳熟能详的那些推动人类发展的伟大人物!


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