0527_WHISTLE_BLOWERS_Corruption_Collusion: All of these happened during 2017: Christopher Wray quit representing Miles Guo, who later revealed the 13579 plan, and started representing the Chinese kleptocrats-owned entity called HNA which HNA sued against Miles Guo in the same year and later became the director of the FBI. 所有这些都发生在 2017 年:克里斯托弗·雷 (Christopher Wray) 不再代表稍后来揭露 13579 计划的郭文贵,开始代表中国盗贼拥有的名为海航的实体,海航在同年起诉郭文贵,后来成为联邦调查局局长。

Full video: https://gettr.com/streaming/p2i40jq7bf6


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