0525【Ava on Matta of Fact】Luc Despins of Paul Hastings, acting as bankruptcy trustee for Miles Guo, threatened Miles to pay him $250 million. Otherwise, his friends in the IRS, SEC, federal court, and FBI would come after him. These lawyers are all related to Shan Weijian of Pacific Alliance Group ( PAG); many American pension funds have invested in Shan Weijian’s PAG and TAG. These companies are all shams which is very worrying! 普衡律师事务所的Luc Despins 作为郭文贵先生的破产案受托人,威胁郭文贵付他2.5亿美元,否则,他在税务局,证劵交易所,联邦法院和联邦调查局的朋友们就回来找他.这些律师都跟太平联盟的單伟建有关系,很多美国人的养老金都投资在单伟建的太平联盟集团和徳州联盟集团,这些公司都是假的,这很让人担心!


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