05/24/2023 Nicole Tsai on OAN: The CCP has a very clear goal, that is, to dominate and enslave the entire world by replacing America as the leader of the free world. They have been boasting about their political ideology and infiltration worldwide. If America does not stop the CCP, no one will. America needs to be strong and bold and work with the NFSC to take down the CCP. 05/24/2023 妮可接受同一个美国新闻网采访:中共有一个非常明确的目标,就是要通过取代美国成为自由世界的领导者而主宰和奴役全世界。他们一直在吹嘘其政治思想和全球渗透。如果美国不制止中共,没有人会制止中共。美国要保持强大、勇敢,要和新中国联邦一起推翻中共。


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