5/23/2023 【Hearing of the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence】Witness Ms. Jill Murphy says the CCP goes to great lengths to control the narrative about the negative aspects of Communist China! The secret police stations act as if they are the arm of the CCP government here in the U.S., using harassment, threats to relatives of victims, and other tactics to intimidate and threaten dissidents and citizens in the U.S. 5/23/2023 【美国众议院反恐、执法和情报小组听证会】证人吉尔·墨菲女士说中共国不遗余力地控制关于对中共国负面的说法!秘密警察站表现得如同中共政府部门把手伸到美国来一样,使用骚扰、威胁受害人的亲属等手段对持不同政见者和在美公民进行恐吓和威胁!


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