5/24/2023 Nicole on One America News: The mainstream media has been bought out by the CCP, and the freedom of the press has been weaponized by the special interest group. The media is no longer a watchdog of the government and no longer tells the people the truth. And that is why so many Americans are blind to what’s happening. The false narrative pushed to the American people by the mainstream media is in the same line with the CCP state-run propaganda. 5/24/2023 妮可接受One America News采访:美国的主流媒体被中共收买,新闻自由已经被某些特殊利益集团武器化、政治化。媒体不再是政府的监督者,不再告诉民众真相,这就是很多美国人对现在发生的事情一无所知的原因,而主流媒体的谎言已与中共的官方宣传如出一辙。 


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