5/22/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree’s Show】Back in 2017, Mr. Miles Guo tipped off the FBI and federal agencies about the CCP’s plan to take down America’s economy and public health through a bioweapon, later known as COVID-19. The FBI not only ignored Mr. Guo’s warning but also put him in jail. Mr. Guo should be allowed to testify before Congress so that those American traitors can be exposed! 5/22/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀的节目】郭文贵先生早在2017年就告诉联邦调查局和联邦政府机构,中共将通过生物武器,也就是后来的为人所知的新冠病毒, 摧毁美国的经济和公共卫生。 联邦调查局不但对这些情报置之不理,还把郭先生送进了监狱。美国国会应该让郭先生作证揭露卖美贼!


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