5/17/2023 【House Select Committee on the CCP】Former Reagan NSC senior director Roger Robinson: The Wall Street firms and conflicted U.S. government regulators at the top levels of the Treasury Department, the SEC, and the National Economic Council have all become accomplices of the CCP. Over the past 20 years, the U.S. has allowed thousands of CCP-controlled companies to enter the retirement funds and investment portfolios of average Americans without conducting any due diligence or screening. 5/17/2023 【美国众议院中共问题特设委员会听证会】里根时期美国国安委高级主管罗杰∙罗宾逊:华尔街公司以及美国财政部、证监会和国家经济委员会等存在利益冲突的政府监管机构的高层都成了中共的帮凶!过去20年,美国允许上千家中共控制的在美国交易上市公司进入普通美国人的退休基金和投资组合,却没对这些公司进行任何尽职调查或筛查。


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