05/17/2023 Nicole on Steve Gruber Show:Miles Guo is the one who got the exclusive information to expose the American sellout to save this country from the CCP’s weaponizations. He’s the victim of all of these people using America’s law enforcement agencies to target him and to put him behind the bar. We know Xi Jinping is trying to cut the deal with the Biden administration to put Miles Guo behind the bar for life in exchange for American hostages and CIA assets to be released. We need to expose them and Free Miles Guo! #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 05/17/2023 妮可参加史蒂夫·格鲁伯节目:郭文贵是唯一掌握独家情报可以曝光卖美贼,将美国从中共的武器化中拯救出来的人。他是所有那些利用美国执法机构迫害他并将他关进监狱的卖美贼的受害者。我们知道习近平正试图与拜登政府达成交易,让郭文贵永久监禁以换取释放美国人质。我们需要曝光他们,并释放郭文贵!

Full Video: https://gettr.com/streaming/p2ha433346d


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