5/17/2023 【House Select Committee on the CCP】Robert Lighthizer: Communist China is the most dangerous threat that we face as a nation and has been waging an economic war against the U.S. with all kinds of tools. During the past decades, trillions of dollars worth of our treasure has been transferred to Communist China. The CCP’s economic miracle has been the result of taking advantage of America. The United States should begin the process of a phased-in strategic decoupling of our economy from theirs! 5/17/2023 【美国众议院中共问题特设委员会听证会】罗伯特·莱特希泽:中共国是美国所面对的最大威胁,它在用一切手段对美国发动经济战,在过去的几十年里,让美国数以万亿美元的财富流向中共国。中共的经济奇迹是靠占美国便宜而发生的。美国应该开始分阶段地与中共国经济战略性脱钩!


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