05/17/2023 Nicole on Steve Gruber Show: America’s failed police on the communist China only enriched certain interest groups, such as officials in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Wall Street and Silicon Valley. It is not benefiting the American people and Chinese people. The corrupt alphabet agencies are in bed with the CCP and aiding the CCP on American soil to persecute CCP’s No.1 enemy and the biggest Anti-CCP Whistleblowers’ Movement. They are the biggest threat of the American people, we need to call them out and impeach them. 05/17/2023 妮可参加史蒂夫·格鲁伯节目:美国对中共国失败的政策只富裕了一些特定的利益群体,如联邦调查局、司法部和中情局的一些官员、华尔街和硅谷等。该政策并没有使美国人民和中国人民从中受益。这些腐败的字母机构与中共狼狈为奸,在美国土地上迫害中共头号敌人郭文贵先生以及最大的反共爆料革命。他们是美国人民最大的敌人,我们需要谴责他们,并对他们进行弹劾。


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