May 16th, 2023, Ava on Live From America with Jeremy Herrell Ava said that Mr. Miles Guo was the “most attacked” individual by the CCP hackers in the world. His mobile phone, computer, building he lives in, elevator, everything you can think of has been hacked by the CCP. However, the third CCP spy was recently arrested and had to be released on bail, but Miles Guo has been repeatedly denied bail requests by the Southern District Court of New York. 2023年5月16日,Live From America 采访Ava Chen Ava说郭文贵先生是全世界受到中共黑客攻击”第一人“,他的手机,电脑,居住的大楼,电梯,所有大家能想到的都曾经被中共黑客。但是最近第三个中共间谍被捕后也得倒了保释,郭文贵先生却一直被纽约南区法院一次次的拒绝保释申请。


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