05/13/2023 【Miles’ Insight】: The NFSC does not meddle in the bipartisan dispute in the US. Taking down the CCP is a bipartisan consensus, which is beneficial to the national security of the US and the American people. We welcome any elected official to visit our base of the NFSC and discuss issues to take down the CCP. We will expose whoever accepts the CCP’s money, sells out the democracy and rule of law system for 1.4 billion Chinese, or sells out the interests of America, no matter which party he belongs to. 05/13/2023【Nicole看七哥】:新中国联邦不掺和美国两党政治。灭共是两党共识,对美国的国家安全及人民都是有百利而无一害。我们欢迎任何一位民选官员访问新中国联邦灭共基地,商谈灭共事宜。任何拿了中共的钱,出卖14亿中国人的民主和法治,或者是出卖美国利益的人,不管是属于哪个政党的,我们都会去揭露。


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