On May 12, 2023, Ava on Matta Of Fact The host Ryan Matta played a video in which Mr. Miles Guo pointed out in the live broadcast as early as 2019 that the US SEC and the Bank Commission did not perform regulatory functions on CCP’s 700 companies listed in the US market, and CCP’s other thousands of companies in the U.S. , nor the angel funds. Wall Street ‘s greed has condoned the CCP-owned companies illegal financial actions in the United States. 2023年5月12日 Ava on Matta Of Fact 主持人Ryan Matta播发了一段郭文贵先生早在2019年在直播中指出美国的SEC和银行监管委员会没有对中共国的在美国上市的700家公司,和几千家其他公司,以及天使基金行驶监管职能,华尔街的贪婪纵容了中共公司在美国的非法行为。


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