5/9/2023 The CCP’s lackey Liang Guanjun met with Xi Jinping yesterday. “Coincidentally”, the recent video released by Phoenix TV that defames Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China, actually used video clips of fake “protests” organized by Liang Guanjun against Mr. Guo in 2017, falsely claiming them to be the “protests by Mr. Guo’s followers against his fraud.” What is the hidden agenda behind this? 5/9/2023 昨日,中共走狗梁冠军见了习近平。而凤凰卫视最近发布的污蔑新中国联邦创建者郭文贵先生的视频,“恰好”把2017年梁冠军组织的针对郭先生的虚假“抗议”的视频片段,谎称为郭先生“追随者对其诈骗的抗议”。这背后到底有何玄机?


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