05/08/2023【 @WayneDupreeShow 】 Nicole in WayneDupreeShow: All the people who organize the fundraiser for the re-election of Congresswoman Grace Meng are part of the CCP’s secret police operatives. This country has allowed the CCP to interfere with the US election. So you don’t need a Russia dossier or Russian gate to prove that there is election interference by a foreign adversary. It’s not Russia. It’s the CCP for the entire time. 05/08/2023【 @WayneDupreeShow 】 妮可做客WayneDupreeShow:所有组织国会议员孟昭文竞选筹款活动的人都是中共秘密警察的一部分。美国已经允许中共干预自己的选举,所以你不需要所谓的通俄门来证明敌对外国干预选举。而且,不是俄罗斯,一直以来都是中共(在进行干预)。


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