05/08/2023【 @WayneDupreeShow 】 Nicole in WayneDupreeShow: If America had a policy to stop the Chinese people from fleeing, that is going to be a national tragedy because you can not conflate the CCP with the Chinese people. We have already become the victim of the CCP and we don’t need to become a victim again by a weaponized the DOJ, FBI and the policies. In order to stop the CCP infiltration, you have to root out the American proxies who have been taking the CCP money and doing the CCP is a dirty bidding inside your own government agencies. 05/08/2023【 @WayneDupreeShow 】 妮可作客WayneDupreeShow:如果美国出台一项阻止中国人民逃离中共国的政策,那将会是一个国家悲剧,因为不能将中共和华人混为一谈。我们已经受到了中共的迫害,不能再被中共武器化的司法部,FBI及其政策行二次迫害。为了阻止中共的渗透,必须把这些中共在美国代理人连根拔起。


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