05/05/2023 [MilesInsight] Brother David: Congressman George Santos is the first current congressman to visit our NFSC’s anti-CCP base. This is a historic and epoch-making day for the NFSC, especially at this dark moment after Mr. Miles Guo was illegally taken away on March 15th. Congressman Santos was very shocked and amazed by our NFSC’s base and NFSC fellow fighters. 05/05/2023[Nicole看七哥]国会议员乔治·桑托斯是第一位访问我们新中国联邦灭共基地的现任国会议员。 对新中国联邦来说,这是一个历史性、划时代的日子,尤其是在3月15日郭文贵先生被非法带走后的这个至暗时刻。 国会议员桑托斯对我们新中国联邦的基地和新中国联邦战友感到非常震撼和惊叹。  


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