05/04/2023 Nicole on The John Fredericks Show discussed why the CCP is going after Mr. Miles Guo. She explained that the CCP’s ultimate goal is to take down America. Miles Guo has tipped off the US federal government agencies about the CCP’s plans to release deadly viruses, create fentanyl, and other strategies to take down America. Miles Guo’s goal is to take down the CCP and his knowledge of their plans has made him the most wanted man by the CCP. 05/04/2023 妮可在 John Fredericks Show 节目上讨论了中共为什么要追捕郭文贵。她解释说中共的终极目标是摧毁美国。郭文贵向美国联邦政府机构透露了中共释放致命病毒、制造芬太尼等计划。郭文贵的目标是推翻中共,他知道中共的计划,这使他成为中共最想迫害的人。


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