5/5/2023 【Nicole on Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks】Nicole: Mr. Miles Guo warned years ago that it was Wall Street that helped the CCP to steal tens of billions of dollars from Americans’ 401(k) and pension funds! The CCP has used hackers to steal data and financial information from US consumers, and this is one of the strategies for the CCP to destroy America. 5/5/2023 【妮可做客the Outside of the Beltway John Fredericks Show】妮可:郭文贵先生多年前就警告过,是华尔街帮助中共偷盗了美国人数百亿美元的养老基金!中共通过网络骇客窃取了美国消费者的数据和财务信息等,这是中共消灭美国的策略之一!


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