Mr. Miles Guo and all of us, we want to have our own independent media platform called GTV. We want to be able to have our voice heard without being censored. Why didn’t SEC go after many Silicon Valley startups? And there are so many companies, you could be applying the same accusations and charges against them. Why did SEC single out the Chinese dissident, the CCP enemy number one’s investment opportunity? 郭先生和我们所有人都希望拥有自己独立的媒体平台叫做GTV。我们希望能够在没有审查的情况下表达自己的声音。为什么美国证券交易委员会没有追查许多硅谷初创公司呢?而且有这么多公司,你可以对他们应用同样的指控和控诉。为什么SEC单独针对中国的异见人士,中国共产党公认的头号敌人的投资机会呢?


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