04/29/2023 Nicole Tsai on Wayne Dupree’s show: The NFSC people are not only trying to free Mr. Miles Guo but also to expose the corrupt government officials who have been bought out by the CCP. The CCP has funded more than 70 lawsuits against Mr. Guo in the United States over the past six years. With the latest charge of 1 billion fraud, the DOJ finally put him behind bars though all witnesses and evidence are false and supplied by the CCP. He is no doubt the biggest victim of the CCP’s persecution in the U.S. 04/29/2023 Nicole Tsai在韦恩·杜普雷的节目上:新中国联邦人不仅要争取让郭文贵先生获释,还要揭露被中共收买的腐败政府官员。过去六年里,中共已经出资在美国对郭先生发起了70多起诉讼。凭借最近一起涉及十亿美元的诈骗指控,司法部终于把郭先生关进监狱,尽管该案的所有证人和证据都是虚假的,都是由中共提供的。郭先生无疑是在美国受中共迫害最严重的受害者。


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