04/29/2023 Nicole Tsai on Wayne Dupree’s show: A top senior political strategist of the CCP boasted “We have friends in higher places in America. It’s our people.” So he was admitting that the CCP has the assets within the inner circle of America’s power and influence, and they can fix everything. Once an American takes the CCP’s money, will be the slave of the CCP. And the CCP is really looking down and talking down on American people. 04/29/2023 妮可接受韦恩·杜普里采访:中共的一位高级政治战略家吹嘘:“我们在美国高层有朋友,他们是我们的人。” 他承认中共在美国的权力和影响力核心圈子里有资产,他们可以解决一切问题。一个美国人一旦拿了中共的钱,就成了中共的奴隶。中共确实看不起并贬低美国人。


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