04/29/2023 Nicole Tsai on Wayne Dupree’s Show: In 2017, Miles Guo warned the US federal government agencies about the CCP’s plans to take down America, including their bio-weapon plan that killed over 1 million Americans. After receiving the exclusive life-saving intel, the US federal government agencies did nothing to save America, but instead ended up imprisoning Miles Guo. All viewers of the show should call their elected officials and demand action to free Miles Guo. 04/29/2023 妮可接受韦恩·杜普里秀采访:早在2017年,郭文贵警告美国联邦政府机构有关中共打败美国的计划,包括让100多万美国人丧生的生物武器计划。在得到拯救生命的独家情报后,美国联邦政府机构没有采取任何行动挽救美国,反而将郭文贵监禁起来。所有观众都应该致电自己的民选官员,并要求他们采取行动释放郭文贵。


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