On April 27, 2023, The Endtime Show interviewed Nicole Tsai Nicole disclosed that the Eastern District Court of New York‘s indictment against the 44 CCP secret policemen described how the CCP used false media accounts and used “the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death” to incite division and racial hatred in the United States. In addition, the CCP is also the real sponsor of “Black Lives Matter.” 2023年4月27日,The Endtime Show 采访 Nicole Tsai Nicole披露纽约东区法院对中共44名秘密警察的起诉书中有描述中共如何利用虚假媒体账号,利用”乔治弗洛伊德死亡两周年“煽动美国的分裂和种族仇恨。还有中共也是”黑命贵”的真正资助者。


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