03/25/2023 NFSC Speaks-Justine Brooke Murray, policy chairwoman of the New York Young Republican Club and ambassador for TPUSA and PragerU:The arrest of Miles Guo is a perfect example of “Find me the guy and I’ll find you the crime”. The CCP is demanding to find a way to arrest Miles Guo on American soil, trying to make America their outpost and using the U.S. government as a puppet for CCP’s censorship and to imprison all dissidents. The American federal government is complicit in this.

03/25/2023 新中国联邦访谈节目-纽约共和党青年俱乐部的政策主席、美国转折点和普拉格大学的大使贾斯汀·布鲁克·穆雷:郭文贵的逮捕是典型的“欲加之罪,何患无辞”。中共要求想方设法在美国逮捕郭文贵,想让美国政府成为其分部,利用美国政府作为中共的傀儡来进行审查,并试图监禁所有异见人士。美国联邦政府在此次事件中与中共串通一气。


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