04/27/2023 On Outside the Beltway, Nicole expressed her concerns about the FBI’s lack of attention towards the CCP’s infiltration in the United States. She highlighted that the CCP poses the number one foreign threat to the national security in the country, yet the FBI has not made it their top priority. Nicole raised questions about why the FBI did not take action on the exclusive intel they received from Mr. Miles Guo in 2017 about the CCP’s plan to release a deadly virus to take down America. 04/27/2023 妮可在Outside the Beltway节目中表达了对FBI对中共在美国的渗透缺乏关注的担忧。她强调,中共才是对美国国家安全最大的威胁,然而FBI并未将其列为首要任务。妮可提出质疑,为什么FBI在2017年从郭文贵先生那得到关于中共计划释放致命病毒摧毁美国的独家情报后没有采取行动。


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