02/19/2019 Miles Guo talked about the CCP sending 3 teams to America to extradite him or kill him back in 2017. They sent out Sun Lijun, Bruno Wu, Jho Low and 4 members of MSS to buy influence and provide a package of offerings in exchange of his extradition, together with a letter which Xi wrote to Trump asking to extradite Miles Guo .They sent out Fujian gangsters in America such as Zheng Qi to try to kill Miles Guo. They sent out Liu Yanping to America to persuade him to go back to China or possibly poison him. 02/19/2019 郭文贵讲述2017年中共派了三波队伍去美国企图遣返他,甚至将其杀害。中共派出孙力军、吴征、刘特左和四个国安人员收买埃利奥特·布洛伊迪、史蒂夫·永利和司法部官员以游说遣返郭文贵。为此,中共还提出一系列交换条件,包括一封习写给川普的亲笔信,请求帮忙遣返郭文贵;中共派出美国的福建黑帮如郑棋等人企图杀害郭文贵;中共还派出刘彦平去美国试图劝说郭文贵回国,有可能还会对他下毒。


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