04/26/2023 Jayne Zirkle on War Room: The core issue in Pras Michel’s case is he was working with the CCP to lobby US officials to extradite Miles Guo. However, the mainstream media failed to identify it. Instead, they are reporting that Pras Michel had several meetings with the FBI regarding Miles Guo’s extradition and the rapper 50 cent called him a rat for meeting with the FBI. 04/26/2023 杰恩·泽克尔参加班农战斗室节目:普拉斯·米歇尔案件的核心问题是米歇尔同中共一起行动游说美国官员以遣返郭文贵。然而主流媒体没能识别这个核心问题,相反,他们强调普拉斯·米歇尔就遣返郭文贵而与FBI见过几次面,以及说唱歌手50 Cent 因米歇尔与FBI见面而指责他为无耻小人。


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