04/26/2023 Nicole on War Room: Not just in New York, there are very similar CCP secret police stations found also in Houston, in Los Angeles and in San Francisco. Tens of thousands of the CCP spies are running rampant in America. And many of them are in the federal governments. They are CCP’s most important assets in America. The inner threat is far greater than Xi Jinping, because they have access to the White House, and the most powerful people in America. 04/26/2023 妮可做客班农战斗室节目:不仅仅在纽约,在休斯顿、洛杉矶和旧金山都有类似的中共秘密警察局。数万个中共间谍正在美国猖獗活动。其中很多人位于联邦政府内部,他们是中共在美国最重要的资产。美国内部威胁远远比习近平所带来的威胁要大得多。因为他们有通往白宫的权限,并且能够接触到美国最有权势的人。 


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