04/26/2023 Breaking News from Nicole: Xi Jinping is trying to negotiate with the U.S. a deal to release all CIA hostages in Communist China in exchange for Mr. Miles Guo’s lifelong imprisonment in federal jail! It is a wake-up call for everyone. Mr. Miles Guo is not a sacrificial lamb. He is a freedom fighter. To betray Mr. Miles Guo would be to defect from America’s own justice system. 04/26/2023 妮可重磅爆料:习近平正与美国密谈,以释放所有美国中情局在中共国被捕的线人为条件,换取郭文贵先生在联邦监狱的终身监禁!这给所有人敲响了警钟。郭文贵先生不是一个牺牲品,他是一个自由斗士。背叛郭文贵先生就等于背叛了美国自己的司法系统。


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