04/26/2023 Nicole on Stinchfield Tonight : Back in 2017, Xi Jinping offered an assistance package to then President Trump to extradite Miles Guo, but Trump denied. Now, he offered to release any CIA imprisoned agents in its possession in exchange for the lifelong imprisonment of Miles Guo to President Biden. In Pras Michel’s case, Miles Guo, the only victim of the political witch hunt and persecution, is locked up in jail, while the criminals are walking free. 04/26/2023 妮可接受 Stinchfield Tonight节目采访:早在2017年,习近平就向当时的川普总统提出一些列交易条件以遣返郭文贵先生。但是川普总统拒绝了。现在,习近平又提出释放所有被其关押的CIA特工来换取郭文贵先生的永久羁押。在普拉斯·米歇尔案件中,这场政治猎巫和迫害的唯一受害者郭文贵先生被关在监狱,而罪犯却逍遥法外。


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