04/26/2023 Nicole joins Stinchfield Report: Pras Michel’s case is not just about Miles Guo being sent back to the CCP, this is about the destruction of the United States of America. And the CCP is doing it from within. And we know that in large part because of the New Federal State of China. We fear for Mr. Miles Guo’s life to be harmed and destroyed in the prison because we know the CCP will do everything and anything in its power to silence and disappear Mr. Miles Guo. 04/26/2023 妮可参加Stinchfield报道节目:普拉斯·米歇尔的案子不仅仅关系郭文贵先生被送回中共国,更关系到美利坚合众国的毁灭。 中共正从内部摧毁美国,我们知道这些在很大程度上是因为新中国联邦。 我们担心郭文贵先生的生命在监狱中受到伤害和毁灭,因为我们知道中共会不择手段地让郭文贵先生沉默和消失。


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