The SEC and the S.D.N.Y. cited supporting documents provided by the CCP against Mr. Miles Guo, the CCP’s number one enemy. This procedure is unfair! We are the investors of GTV and we can testify at any time!
The SEC falsely accused Mr. Miles Guo of defrauding GTV investors. The truth is that our money has been stuck at the SEC for almost two years and to this day, the SEC is still looking for excuses not to return our money. It is the SEC that owes us money, not Mr. Miles Guo.

美国SEC和纽约特区政府引用了中共提供的证据来对付中共的头号敌人Miles Guo。这种程序是不公平的! 我们是GTV的投资人,我们可以随时作证!
美国SEC荒谬地指控Miles Guo诈骗GTV的投资者。事实是,我们的钱已经在SEC滞留了近两年,直到今天,SEC还在寻找借口不归还我们的钱。欠我们钱的是SEC,而不是Miles Guo。


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