Apr 24, 2023 @NFSCSpeaks @S7Gril invites Ryan Matta of Live From America to discuss the details of Miles Guo’s case. Ava shared data from two reports from the Australian government and Stanford about social media attacks organized by the Chinese state level on Miles Guo through “tweets” from March 2018 to April 2020, the amount of that type of tweets is 350,000 during the months. @NFSCSpeaks @S7Gril 与 Live From America 的 Ryan Matta 一起讨论郭文贵先生案件的细节。 Ava分享了来自澳大利亚政府和斯坦福的两份关于中共国家级组织在社交媒体上通过“发布推文”对郭文贵先生进行攻击的2018年3月到2020年4月的报告数据,在该期间,在推特上的该类型的推文达到了35万条。

报告原文: https://www.aspi.org.au/report/tweeting-through-great-firewall

You can read the report here:


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