4/24/2023 PJ Media, a well-known American news site, reported that Chinese dissident and co-founder of the New Federal State of China, Miles Guo, was denied bail, while two CCP spies charged with operating a secret police station in New York for the CCP were released on bail immediately?! The CCP has successfully infiltrated and weaponized the US justice system to go after Mr. Guo because they fear the truth he has been exposing since 2017! 4/24/2023 美国知名新闻网站PJ Media报道了中国异议人士和新中国联邦共同创始人郭文贵先生保释被拒,而被控替中共在纽约运行秘密警察站的两个中共间谍居然立即被保释?!中共成功地渗透并武器化了美国司法系统来对付郭先生,因为中共恐惧郭先生从2017年来所揭露的真相!


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