04/21/2023 MilesInsight: Phoenix TV and the CCP fabricated the video to smear Miles Guo, and they did it so blatantly. The Whistleblower Movement fellow fighters and GTV investors were threatened by CCP police and had to testify against their will. Otherwise, they will be in jail, and their families and children’s safety would be affected. The coerced confession is very common in China, North Korea, Iran, and all dictatorships. 04/21/2023 Nicole看七哥:凤凰卫视和中共明目张胆编造视频抹黑郭先生。爆料革命战友和GTV投资人受到中共警察的威胁,被迫违心作证。否则就会坐牢,家庭、孩子的人身安全都会受到影响。强迫认罪在中共国、朝鲜、伊朗和所有独裁国家都很普遍。


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