4/22/2023 【Miles Insight】The judge listed three major reasons why Mr. Miles Guo cannot be granted bail: (1) Mr. Guo could flee the country even without any travel document as he is “clever”. That said, no one should be granted bail; (2) Mr. Guo poses a risk of obstruction of justice because his fellow fighters exercise their constitutional rights and conduct peaceful protests, which, however, are irrelevant to Mr. Guo; and (3) Mr. Guo poses a risk of economic harm to the community, yet it is the SEC that has withheld our fellow fighters’ investment money. 4/22/2023 【Nicole看七哥】法官列出三个主要理由拒绝郭先生保释:(1) 郭先生很聪明,没有护照也能逃离美国,那么按这个逻辑,没人可以被保释; (2) 郭先生阻碍司法公正,因为他的战友们行使宪法保护的权利进行和平抗议,而这些抗议和郭先生本人毫无关系;(3)郭先生对社区造成经济危害,而事实上是SEC扣押了战友们的投资


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