4/18/2023 Nicole: I want people to focus on the American traitors, and this is not a partisan issue. I’d like to see the House Judiciary Committee host another hearing in New York City and invite the NFSC members to testify on the CCP’s weaponization of the DOJ and SEC. New York is a symbol of freedom in the US, but it was also the first city where the CCP established a secret police station. It is crucial to find the DOJ sellout in cahoots with the CCP! 4/18/2023 妮可:我希望人们把注意力放在卖美贼身上,这无关党派之争;我希望看到众议院司法委员会在纽约市再次举行听证会,让新中国联邦人作为中共将美国司法系统武器化的最大受害者作证;纽约是美国自由的象征,但却是中共第一个设立秘密警察站的城市,必须追查中共武器化司法部的黑手!


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