04/21/2023 Mr. Steve Bannon: The reason this is such a threat and the CCP such a threat is that they’ve got fifth columns, they got them in Taiwan, they got me the United States. This is unrestricted warfare. Ms. Nicole Tsai: Mr. Miles Guo already told people many years ago that the swing state or key battleground state of our fight against the CCP is not in Beijing, is not in Zhongnanhai, but here on the US soil in Washington, DC and in New York City. 04/21/2023 史蒂夫·班农先生:中共是如此大的威胁的原因是他们有第五纵队,他们在台湾有第五纵队,他们在美国也有第五纵队,这是超限战。 妮可:郭文贵先生很多年前就告诉人们,我们与中共斗争的关键或主战场不在北京,不在中南海,而是在美国的土地上,在华盛顿和纽约。


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