04/21/2023 Nicole on Bannon’s War Room: Mr. Miles Guo’s case and the second denial to his bond request has raised a global concern. If America cannot bring justice to Mr. Miles Guo, the whole world will lose confidence in America’s Justice system, because you’re sending a very strong signal to the entire world that this country’s justice system has been entirely weaponized by the Chinese Communist Party. 04/21/2023 妮可做客班农的作战室:郭文贵先生的案子和他第二次保释申请被拒引起了全球关注。 如果美国不能为郭文贵先生伸张正义,全世界都会对美国的司法系统失去信心,因为你们在向全世界发出一个非常强烈的信号,即这个国家的司法系统已经完全被中共武器化了。


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