4/21/2023 Nicole on Bannon’s War Room: CCP has spent billions of dollars trying to return Mr. Miles Guo back to China. All the American proxies that have been helping the CCP to do its dirty bidding walk free, even minions of CCP’s Ministry of State Security were bailed out instantly after the same day they were arrested. However, Mr. Miles Guo, the top whistleblower against the CCP, still can’t be bailed out now. 4/21/2023 妮可做客班农战斗室:中共花费数十亿美元试图遣返郭文贵先生。 那些帮中共做肮脏交易的美国代理人却逍遥法外,就连中共的国安爪牙也在被捕当天就被立即保释了;然而,头号中共爆料人文贵先生现在却仍然无法被保释。


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