April 20, 2023, Wayne Dupree @WayneDupreeShow interview @Nicole7749Nicole talked about Miles Guo’s first revelation of the CCP’s 13579 plan, which was initially called a “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream media, and has now been proven to be accurate information and facts by the hearing transcripts and evidence released by the House Committee of COVID 19. But people in the United States and the world have paid a heavy price, and 1 million Americans have died of COVID-19. Nicole 讲述郭文贵最先爆料中共的13579计划,初期被主流媒体称为“阴谋论”,现在已经被众议院的COVID -19委员会发布的听证会笔录和证据证明为一切都是准确的情报和事实。但是美国和全世界人民已经付出了沉重的代价,美国已经有100万人死于COVID-19.


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