4/19/2023【Nicole with Grant on RAV】The name of the 912 project comes from Mr. Miles Guo’s application for political asylum in the U.S. on September 12, 2017. The 912 project includes various actions by the CCP such as silencing Mr. Guo as well as buying off individuals such as George Higginbotham, Elliott Broidy, Steve Wynn, and Pras Michel in order to have Mr. Guo deported back to Communist China. 4/19/2023 【妮可接受RAV格兰特采访】中共912项目的命名来自于2017年9月12日文贵先生在美国申请政治庇护,912项目包括了中共噤声郭先生以及通过收买乔治·黑根巴森、埃利奥特·布罗伊迪、史蒂夫·永利和普拉斯·米歇尔等人以将郭先生遣返回中共国的各种行动


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