4/19/2023 【Nicole with Grant on RAV】In America, CCP agents have repeatedly attempted to assassinate Miles Guo, Wang Yanping, and brother Changdao and have harassed many fellow fighters. The families of these fighters have also been harassed by the CCP in Communist China. Members of the New Federal State of China are not victims of Mr. Guo, but rather the real victims of the DOJ, FBI, and SEC weaponized by the CCP! 4/19/2023 【妮可接受RAV格兰特采访】在美国,中共特务多次想暗杀郭文贵先生、王雁平女士和长岛哥,并多次骚扰很多战友,战友的家人也在墙内被中共骚扰。新中国联邦人不是郭先生的受害人,而是被中共武器化的美国司法部、FBI和证监会的真正受害者!


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