4/19/2023【Nicole with Grant on RAV】The indictment by the DOJ against the CCP’s illegal overseas law enforcement confirms Miles Guo’s previous revelation of the CCP’s plan to eliminate white people. Ironically, Harry Lu (a.k.a. Lu Jianwang), who operates the CCP’s overseas police station in New York, was released on bail immediately after his arrest, while Mr. Guo was denied bail. Miles Guo and the New Federal State of China are both victims of the CCP’s secret overseas police stations. 4/19/2023 【妮可接受RAV格兰特采访】司法部针对中共海外非法执法的起诉书验证了文贵先生多年前爆出的中共灭白计划;可讽刺的是,在纽约运作中共海外警察站的卢建旺被捕后立即被保释,而郭先生却被拒绝保释;郭文贵先生和新中国联邦都是中共海外秘密警察站的受害者!


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